a platform for youths to learn more about sex

Author: Sujadi Siswo

JAKARTA: Youths in the region can now turn to an interactive website to learn more about sex. provides a platform for youths not only to ask those burning questions about sex without being embarrassed, but also participate in online seminars.

Health professionals are ready to provide answers in English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. is the brainchild of Singaporean Dr Wei Siang Yu.

Popularly known as Dr Love, he works in sex therapy.

He picked Indonesia to launch his latest initiative by partnering the country’s National AIDS Commission.

Dr Nafsiah Mboi, executive secretary of Indonesia’s National AIDS Commission, said: “We have seen growing (AIDS) infection among the young. And most of them get infected because they don’t know. So this is now an opportunity for our young people to access services which is professional.”

While schools teach basic sex education complemented by input from parents, youths more often confide in their friends. hopes to be a platform for youths regardless of their culture and religion.

Dr Wei said: “It is not a judgmental platform where we would look at certain moral values. We are here to answer scientific questions. And we believe that every question that may stem from certain local tradition or certain value would have certain scientific gaps that we can add value to.”

Health professionals from respective countries such as Indonesia will tailor their answers according to the local culture.

Indonesia, for example, still largely considers sex a taboo subject – not to be discussed openly.

But proponents believe youths are ready for change.

Dr Nafsiah Mboi said: “Actually they already want to break away from this taboo…and this is an opportunity for them to get the information without really breaking tradition.”

With the growing number of Indonesians having access to Internet, is expected to reach youths where their teachers and parents can’t.

And with the widespread use of smart phones and cell phones in Indonesia which can access the Internet anywhere, it is hoped that online sex education can be a practical and healthier alternative for youths.

Teachers and parents too can have access and will be able to understand what is not spoken in their presence but amply expressed on the Internet.

– CNA/ir

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