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Rule # 1: Make noise.

The SEXXIE platform was created with YOU in mind. That is why we created a place for you to speak your mind. A room to be YOU.

250,000: the number of cases of male-female rape or attempted rape reported to the police annually in 65 countries worldwide.
46 million: the estimated number of abortions performed worldwide every year. About 42% are done to 15-19 year olds.
$2.6 billion and $3.9 billion: the 2001 approximate annual revenue from online “adult content” industry in the US.
Religion and morality are commonly used to repress natural sexuality.

Take a step back and look at the “facts”. Do they really mean anything to you as a person? For example, what exactly happens to the 250,000? Who takes care of the 46 million after undergoing abortion? Do the 42% get the proper support they need? What are they thinking right now?

With surveys becoming popular everywhere to the point of being overused, sometimes important issues get muddled into percentages and fractions. Even now, sex and the issues concerning it have become mere figures every now and then. The ones that really matter— the people behind it— are forgotten.

When people are forgotten, their problems are never really solved.

In the months to come, we will introduce a series of online campaigns that tackle issues related to sex and relationships. That’s where you come in. Express what you think about issues concerning sex and relationships by submitting photos, links to blog entries, tweets, and videos. (Click link below)

Do something. Offer the world YOUR insight about issues that matter to you. Help us and others find solutions, not just numbers.

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