You are not alone in the real but complex world of sexuality. At SEXXIE.TV, we believe that genuine education starts from those who appreciate the reality of their problems and change of context it presents.

Sexxie Online Campus: Taking Sexual Health Out of the Closet and Into the Real World

Welcome to the Sexxie Online Campus, the sex education campus on the web that gives teens and young adults the power to express themselves and share experiences with their peers. With the guidance of Dr. Love and a group of medical doctors, counselors, educators, and other experts in the field, sexual health issues and problems commonly faced by teens can be addressed properly.

When it comes to issues concerning sexuality and sexual health, the teen population is the most at risk for misinformation. Teens almost always discuss sexual issues with their peers, who are not adequately equipped with the tools and information necessary to address complex sexual issues. Finding the right person with whom to discuss these matters is not easy. With the Sexxie Online Campus, this problem is eliminated because teens can feel comfortable knowing that they are talking to knowledgeable professionals. A series of mobile and online learning courses including sexuality, sexually transmitted disease, unplanned pregnancy, and contraception is now just a click away. These mobile courses are bundled into interactive apps that come with an online tutor who can guide you in real-time and help you find reliable sources of information. You can now chat with a health professional instantly while enjoying much needed privacy!

Through the Sexxie Online Campus, you now have access to informative sexual health mobile apps wherever you go. The campus is your one-stop shop for the best and latest apps related to sex education and sexual health. Check out our first STD app, which comes with a revolutionary “virtual STD clinic”. In addition to common FAQ’s and facts on STD’s, you can now resolve your burning queries through the help of our health professionals. Our team of health professionals and sex education experts can even accept photos with short descriptions and present an opinion on how you can seek medical attention. What’s more, the pool of information and resources grows as more users join the discussion. Be a part of the Sexxie Online Campus today and be better informed about your sexual health!

Some Testimonials

“It used to be that kids first learned about sex from peers and school, but not anymore. The internet has become the primary teacher of sex information and values to kids, teens and young adults. Unfortunately, the internet provides a lot of misinformation and inculcates wrong values due to the proliferation of pornographic sites. If kids, teens and young adults are going to learn about sex anyway, they might as well get their sex education from reliable sources that offer factual, research-based, culturally-sensitive and values-oriented information. The S.E.X.X.I.E. app is a convenient mobile tool which allows teens and young adults to discuss their sex-related worries and concerns with sex educators who are approachable, non-judgmental,responsible and competent.” – Dr Randy Dellosa, a sex educator and counselor for teens and young adults; popularly known as the life coach-psychotherapist of Filipino celebrities.

“Finally, an app about sex which parents, teenagers, and policymakers can openly download, use, and share. Entertaining, enlightening, essential. An appropriate app for today’s generation of angry birds and wild bees.” – Congressman Mong Palatino, a youth legislator from the Philippines

“ created by Dr Wei rides on popular social media platforms to facilitate healthy awareness of sexuality is very timely and helpful. Parents of children needing such guidance are able to access professionally accurate information and also has an informal network for peer discussion of common issues encountered.” – Wee King Tan, a nurse educator, registered midwife and a mother of 2 grown up sons

“I think in this vast digital world, teenagers need to have access to findout their curiosity helping them to understand about them selves especially regarding sex from a trustworthy and knowledgeable source and sexxie app is a cool apps that they can rely on.” – Rinto Muhammadsyah, Solopreneur/Independent Consultant

“Communication is power. Many barriers exist especially in this domain. This is an excellent medium to ease communication, help young minds to form their decisions based on reality and facts, but also to learn about what a loving relationship can be.” – Muriel Boutin-Becuwe, an environmental consultant and conservationist

“Education and having a dream for yourself are the best forms of contraception.” – Ana Santos, award-winning public health journalist

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