S.E.X.X.I.E (Sex eXperts Interactive Education) is a comprehensive interactive sexual health platform dedicated for teens and young adults.

Unlike conventional sex education platforms, S.E.X.X.I.E aims to promote an online avenue that enable teens and young adults to express their views and ideas, share their problems and experiences, initiate discussions and provide valuable information from diverse perspectives. Dr. Love, together with a group of medical doctors, counselors, educators, parents and other industry experts will address a broad range of sexual health issues faced by teens and young adults.

With incidences of teenage pregnancy, abortion, STI/STDs and sexual abuse on the rise globally, S.E.X.X.I.E hopes to supplement school-based and/or home-based sex education to empower teens and young adults to be more responsible for themselves and their actions.

When faced with sensitive sexual health issues, most teens and young adults consult their peers for advice. More often than not, peers are not equipped with the right skills and knowledge to address those problems. At times, parents too feel awkward discussing such matters with their children. The consequences can be very serious.

A non-judgmental and un-biased resource like S.E.X.X.I.E can provide teens, young adults, parents, educators, etc. with honest, accurate and holistic information. From STI/STDs to contraception, relationship problems and more, our panel of experts aims to provide timely and interactive sexual educational programs to suit everyone’s needs.

Q&A segments, streaming videos, articles, online seminars or ‘Webinars’, Twitter updates and Facebook posts are just among the many ways YOU can learn with us. We encourage everyone to partake in this meaningful initiative. Your views and contribution can make a difference.