Red-Faced Teens Turn To Sex-Ed Web Site

Teenagers can worry less about awkward sex talks with their parents after an interactive Web site providing sex and health information was launched by a group of doctors on Wednesday. provides information for teenagers, teachers, parents, and whoever wants to learn more about reproductive health. It’s the first of its kind in Indonesia.

The site targets teenagers who feel too embarrassed to turn to their parents or doctors for sex-related information.

Wei Siang Yu, a Singaporean reproductive health doctor, known as Dr. Love in his home country for his involvement in the government’s program to tackle the low birth rate, said the increase of people infected with HIV/AIDS, along with developments in information technology, prompted him to create the site. In Indonesia, he works with the National AIDS Prevention Commission.

“Over the past three years, there has been rapid development of the Internet and Blackberry,” he said, adding that more teenagers are turning to mobile Internet to browse for information. “That is why sex education should now be Internet-based.”

The Web site offers basic facts and news articles about reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases. Users can also chat daily with volunteer doctors and nurses in a service called Medical Butler, without having to reveal their identities.

Nafsiah Mboi, secretary general of the commission, said the site is a solution to the debate over sex education in Indonesia, because children do not have to meet awkwardly with teachers, and the site’s design is colorful and user-friendly.

“Sex education has to be fun,” she said, “and teenagers can get that from this Web site.”

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