Dr Nova Riyanti Yusuf

Dr Nova Riyanti Yusuf, SpKJ, Member of Indonesia House of Representative Comission IX (Health) and a medical doctor specializes in psychiatry. She is also one of the top novel and screen writers in Indonesia.

1. How should sex education be conducted? 

Sex education needs to be understood in a holistic eclectic way (meaning: a comprehensive and integrated), so it will be the basis of the methodical approach to sex education itself.

A. Technically, sex education MUST be tiered according with psychosexual development (Freud’s theory of adoption) and psychosocial (Erikson’s theory of adoption). So the material must be adjusted with the tiered stages of development.

In spite of taking attention into the cultural aspect, mind set, geographical, religious, anatomical, physiological, do not forget to make the most mental aspect of the “acceptor” of the sex education.

B. Often, sex education starts from home instead. Children will often ask their parents about things related to the underlying anatomic or discover her parents while having sex and questioning the purpose of that action. Therefore, precisely how to educate parents? Outreach can be done or pick the ball who can be managed by integrated national policy (Health Ministry Instruction, Education Ministry Instruction) by providing call centers, information kiosk, etc.

C. Realistically should anticipate the difficulties of related factors as the above (A). Cultural, geographical, mind set, religiosity, etc, by periodically surveying the success of sex education. So if the method of sex education does not work, can be improvised or reorganized to follow compliance requirements.

2. What topics should be the focus for sex education? 


Sex should be understood as a complex process that became an integrated part of human life and we must prepare them to understand the complexities of sex.

A. Of course the fundamental physical factors (anatomical, physiological reproductive organs).

B. Factor of psychosexual development (mental and psychological preparation for their mental prepared to deal with sexual development in stages)

C. Psychosocial factors: social development in line with the needs of sex.

D. Risk factors: the negative impact of what can happen from sex itself. From abortion to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases until death because of HIV/AIDS.

For example at a certain age according to Freud’s psychosexual, for example folic phase.

0-1: oral phase
1-3: anal phase
3-5: phase folic
6-11: the latent phase
11-18: genital phase.

At the age of folic phase, we can introduce / make introduction of the external reproductive organs: the penis. Because at this stage, already happened “penis envy”.

3. Growing up, did you have anyone whom you could consult with whenever you have a question about sex? 

My mother.

4. What is the most worrying trend amongst youngsters today, e.g, teenage pregnancies, sti/stds, etc? 

All the conditions above are the indicator of “fate” of the next generation, which will be the determinant of the success and sustainability of the nation.

5. Will you be open/ speak openly to your kids about sex?

I don’t have a child yet … but I guess it is a challenge, but parents need to be ready on how to prepare for answering questions related to sex from our children proportionately.

6. What do you think of Sexxie.tv?

It is very useful. It can balance the unlimited absorbent of free pornography, with an easy and responsible way of finding information from Sexxie.

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